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React Native Engineer
The client was looking for a developer to lead the FE team. Self-managed personality and leadership skills with a desire be part of a startup.
Blockchain Engineer
The client was looking for a developer to take ownership on a new blockchain platform. We decided on a developer that can handle complex software as well as devops tasks, with great communication skills.
Full Stack Developer
A startup wanted to move their platform from a dev company to in-house. We hired them a full stack dev with a can-do attitude that can handle the various aspects of the platform, web and mobile.

We take care of all aspects of hiring

From searching, screening and hiring, to administration, legal needs and payroll for employees.
We take responsibility over employee welfare & performance
Periodic employee evaluation to make sure your’e happy with their work & always catering for their needs so they stay motivated

We’re always available for technical guidance

Providing strong technical backbone for our clients and to our engineers so they always have who to go for if needed
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